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Atomic brand

Our company's philosophy is reflected in our logo - a capable group sharing with our clients a common belief: maximum dividends to each client means maximum satisfaction for us. Our clients, business partners and staff have the same sense of value, and it leads us in the same direction.

The spheres in the Atomic logo represent our specialists bringing maximum satisfaction to the clients. The cluster of specialist forms the letter A, the common initial of the words that form our company's name: Atomic Assets Advisers Co., Ltd.

The spheres are created in the image of atoms or molecules, and each specialist in our company is like an individual atom or molecule that combines with others to form a magnificent whole. Together we brought to life our idea of a company that wins clients' trust with tight bonds of enthusiasm, professionalism, and highly professional knowledge..

If you line up the initials of Atomic Assets Advisers, you can see "AAA." The letter "A" represents our philosophy of excellence; the message is that as a high-level company, we will bring the maximum dividend to our clients.

Two colors are used in our logo.Atomic Blue represents trust, sincerity and professional quality. Atomic Red signifies the enthusiasm and humanity that together make up human power.

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